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Jeremy Parks – Graphic Designer

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What does PRL stand for?
We can’t really tell you without a little back story. In 2005, a musician met a photographer in a little bar called “Redrum” in Austin, TX. She was taking photos of bands throughout the night and he was out promoting his band. Shortly after, they found themselves back at that same bar listening to a punk band called “Born To Lose”. The photographer turned to the musician and, classily, wrote “PRL” on his hand.

“What’s that?” – The musician asked.
“Punk Rock Love” – The photographer responded.

Several years, several more dates, a marriage and a child later – PRL was officially born.
PRL was originally launched as a signage and design company. We have since expanded into printing and, most recently, into appreciation marketing.

In 2017, we’ve rebranded to become PRL Creative – your full service design and marketing company.

I have been creating art since I was wearing diapers; using whatever tools and mediums that I had available in front of me. I love to create and tell stories with my art; it helps me relax and channel feelings which are hard for me to express vocally sometimes. I had a good upbringing with a very supportive family. I have an awesome wife, a super rad kid and a great family that fuel my soul everyday. I enjoy playing the bass guitar & banjo and have played with a handful of great musicians, including the one below…

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